Friday 20 March 2015 5:45 am

These are the best pictures of the total solar eclipse from London, Glasgow, Shropshire, Liverpool, Germany and Madeira Island

The first images of the solar eclipse show the natural phenomenon at its best – and how some commercially-minded people are making the most of things.

Cloudy it may have been but as these images show, the solar eclipse was still pretty impressive. 
People up and down the country have posted their pictures of the Moon covering the Sun, and many reported an eerie silence as birds fell quiet and it felt like the middle of the night. 
In London the eclipse started at around 8:25am, when the Moon began to touch the Sun's edge, making it look as though it had taken a bite out of it. 
It peaked at 9:31am, and is expected to end at 10:41am.
This is what it looked like from space:

Here are some of the best pictures from Twitter
And here are more pictures from around the UK and further afield… 

And so it begins (Source: Getty)


Dove upstages Moon (Source: Getty)


Getting ready in Galloway, Scotland (Source: Getty)


Solar eclipse themed lunch? (Source: Getty)


Enterprising types in Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Source: Getty)

The eclipse in London (Source: Getty)

The eclipse in London (Source: Getty)

Madeira Island (Source: Getty)

Schoolchildren in Greenwich (Source: Getty)


Madeira Island (Source: Getty)

People watch the eclipse in Germany (Source; Getty)

Dogs need eye protection too (Source: Getty)

Awestruck in Kosovo (Source: Getty)

The eclipse in London (Source: Getty)

Innovative ways to look at the sun in Germany… (Source: Getty)

…and in Austria (Source: Getty)


Amazed in Israel (Source: Getty)

Pure joy in Kosovo (Source: Getty)

Photobombing in Austria (Source: Getty)