Wednesday 17 December 2014 9:00 am

These are the top 25 most employable skills of 2014 (according to LinkedIn)

What skills got people hired in 2014? LinkedIn has dug through its data for this year and found what gets employers salivating.

Soft skills, these are not. The overarching theme is data –  the top skill is statistical analysis and data mining. It crops up again at number 11, with data presentation, and then at positions 21 and 22, with data engineering and data management. It's not until quite far down the list that more traditional skills – including recruiting, economics and mining – come into play.

In fact, science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills dominate the top 25, taking up nine of the top 10 positions. The only one outside those subjects – foreign language translation – suggests business is continuing to become increasingly global. Anyone know how to say "can you write me a recommendation" in Mandarin?



1.Statistical analysis and data mining
2.Middleware and integration software
3.Business intelligence
4.Storage systems and management
5.Perl/ Ruby/ Python
6.Mobile development
7.Network and information security
8.SEO/ SEM marketing
9.Foreign language translation
10.Java development
11.Data presentation
12.Web architecture and development framework
13.Public policy and international relations
14.C/ C++
15.Algorithmic design
16.Integrated circuit design
18.Corporate law and governance
19.SAP ERP systems
21.Data engineering and data warehousing
22.Data management and software
23.Mining and commodities
24.Marketing campaign management
25.User interface design