Friday 7 May 2021 5:58 pm

Scotland election: SNP set for victory but majority 'a long shot', says Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) look set to cruise to another election victory, however the party is playing down its chances of getting a majority in the poll.

The Scottish first minister said a majority, which the party has said would give the country a mandate for a second independence referendum, has “always been a very, very long shot”.

The SNP will likely have to form government with the help of the Green Party, which also supports Scottish independence.

As of 6pm, the SNP hold 26 seats, the Tories hold one and the Liberal Democrats hold three.

It is believed turnout in some seats is around 70 per cent, which would be well up than the 2016 national average of 55 per cent.

Pundits think this may be due to Tory voters and staunch unionists getting out to vote to stop a SNP majority and a potential second independence referendum.

Sturgeon said: “I’m feeling extremely happy and extremely confident that we are on track in the SNP for a fourth consecutive election victory and to have the ability to form a government again and that’s an extraordinary achievement for any political party.”