Monday 19 July 2021 12:27 pm

SAP to invest €250m in the UK over the next five years

SAP said it will invest a quarter of a billion euros in the UK through a UK-based cloud service and new offices, in an announcement today.

The company will launch its UK Data Cloud service, establish new offices in London and Manchester and invest further in young talent through its internship programme.

It’s new offices will be in “The Scalpel” skyscraper in the City while its Manchester-based teams will also be moved to a new base in the science park in Cheshire, where 2,000 other businesses are already located.

SAP, which builds software tools for professional services firms and the public sector, has around 2,500 staff already in the UK.

SAP UK managing director, Michiel Verhoeven, did not offer an idea of how many new jobs would be provided but said it would be in the “hundreds, if not the thousands” across the company and its customers, according to The Telegraph.

The company also said it will hire 250 interns over the next few years.