Tuesday 29 November 2016 11:36 am

Richmond, Islington and Bromley residents are among the least generous with charitable donations

As the season of giving approaches, what better time to explore which of the capital's residents are set to be promoted to the top of Father Christmas' nice list?

A study of over 18,000 London donations by The Big Give found that some of London's most deprived boroughs demonstrated some of the highest levels of generosity. The boroughs which gave the most were residents in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Haringey.

As for the opposite end of the spectrum: residents in Richmond, Islington, Wandsworth and Bromley were among the least generous.

Here's a heat map of the generosity across the boroughs:

The more generous the borough the darker the blue
The more generous the borough the darker the blue shade (Source: theBigGive)

Some of the poorest but most generous boroughs are facing some of the worst rates of child poverty in the UK; Tower Hamlets and Newham have 44 per cent and 38 per cent respectively of children living in poverty. And The Big Give said an estimated 200,000 more children in the capital are forecast to be in poverty by 2020.

It's launching a Christmas campaign with London's The Childhood Trust which will be providing £350,000 of matching donations to support projects tackling child poverty in the capital. Donations will be doubled from today until the 2 December, or until the match funds have been exhausted.