Thursday 2 May 2019 11:26 am

Londoners are torn over City's new Tulip skyscraper in new ranking of London landmarks

It may be the latest major City building to be clubbed through by planning authorities, but Londoners are split on the the Tulip skyscraper, new research shows, as St Paul’s was named the most popular building in the capital.

A survey by Yougov found that 37 per cent of people believe the Tulip will improve London’s skyline, narrowly ahead of the 32 per cent who think it will have a negative effect.

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Meanwhile, around a fifth think the new proposal will not make much difference.

The 1,000-foot building was approved by planners last month and will serve as a multi-deck viewing platform when it opens in 2025.

Londoners pick which landmarks improve the skyline   
 BetterNo differenceWorse
St Paul's70171

The proposal is most popular among men, with 41 per cent saying it would improve the skyline, while women were 34 per cent in favour. Pensioners, meanwhile, really seem to hate the idea of the Tulip, with as few as 14 per cent saying they think it will make the skyline better.

The figures put the new proposal ahead of the unpopular Cheesegrater, on 19 per cent approval, and the Walkie Talkie, on 22 per cent.

However, it is also the most unpopular landmark surveyed, with 32 per cent saying it will have a negative effect on London’s skyline, versus 21 per cent for the Walkie-Talkie, and 19 per cent for the Cheesegrater.

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The Shard was the most popular of the skyscrapers, with a 51 per cent approval rating, ahead of the Gherkin at 43.

“It would seem, however, that the classics really are still the best: 70 per cent of Londoners think St Paul’s Cathedral has changed London’s skyline for the better. A mere one per cent think it has done so for the worse,” Yougov reported.