Wednesday 16 December 2020 8:33 am

Queen faces technical hitch during KPMG video call

The Queen faced a technical hitch while on a call with KPMG yesterday, proving even the royal family are not immune from video call mishaps. 

Her Majesty paid a virtual visit to KPMG on Tuesday to mark the firm’s 150th anniversary, where she spoke via video call with five individuals at the Big Four firm. 

But when talking to John McCalla-Leacy, the firm’s first black board member, connection at Windsor Castle faltered, and for a few moments the Queen’s image vanished from the call.

Moments later Her Majesty re-appeared on the video call, saying with a smile: “You all just disappeared.” 

The Queen then went on to remind McCalla-Leacy he had been talking about the pandemic before the technical hitch. 

McCalla-Leacy described 2020 as “an incredibly difficult year for us within the firm,” adding: “Not only did we have to adapt to the many challenges that the pandemic brought, we also witnessed, like everyone around the world, these deeply distressing scenes and the event unfold which ignited the Black Lives Matter campaign across the world and here in the UK.”