Monday 5 October 2020 7:04 am

NZX information boss departs after four-day cyberattack

New Zealand Exchange (NZX) is replacing its chief information officer after the stock exchange was forced to shut down for four days as a result of a major cyberattack last month.

David Godfrey, who had been with the NZX for more than a decade, will leave at the end of this year, the company confirmed. Before being promoted to chief information officer four years ago, Godfrey held various senior tech roles within NZX.

His resignation comes a month after a major cyberattack forced the NZX to halt operations and shut down entirely for nearly four days.

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The attack, identified as a so-called distributed denial of services (DDoS) campaign, was carried out by firing off large amounts of digital information, thereby overwhelming the exchange’s online infrastructure.

The source of the “offshore” attacks is unknown, but the failure to stop them increased doubts about New Zealand’s security systems, experts said.

NZX has hired executive recruitment firm Hobson Leavy to find a successor for Godfrey.