Monday 28 June 2021 10:27 am

Nukkleus acquires London-based Match Financial

Software and technology solutions firm Nukkleus, has acquired Match Financial Limited, a London-based financial services firm that wholly owns Digital RFQ Limited.

Digital RFQ is a Financial Conduct Authority-registered EMD agent enabling frictionless and efficient conversion of FIAT to crypto through multiple banking facilities allowing for global same day settlement.

According to the terms of the acquisition, Match Financial will be absorbed into Nukkleus as part of the company’s initiative to scale its operations as it increases its service offerings. Nukkleus and Match Financial remain focussed primarily on advanced multi-asset trading technology, institutional digital asset execution, crypto-backed product investment management and global payment services.

Through the acquisition of Match Financial, New Jersey-based Nukkleus now offers global counterparts access to a full service digital asset platform with unique access to deep liquidity and a comprehensive suite of crypto products and services.

The addition of Match Financial’s capabilities to the Nukkleus suite addresses crypto’s high risk-to-reward ratio directly. Through this acquisition, Nukkleus is combining its technology with Match Financial’s top-tier institutional crypto advisory, over-the-counter brokerage, and exchange execution services.

As such, the acquisition will allow Nukkleus to provide the kind of full-service offerings that are needed to compete effectively in the multi-asset space. The addition of Match makes Nukkleus a one-stop-shop for investors seeking customised approaches to crypto investment that take into account their understanding of the technology, market participants, investment products available and their combined associated risk.

Both Match Financial and Nukkleus understand that in 2021, having a multi-asset approach to investment that includes cryptocurrencies is key for both investors and brokers. However, there are some unique challenges in the cryptocurrency investment space.

Like any nascent market, cryptocurrency is largely unregulated, and as such, investing in cryptocurrency carries a higher level of risk. While more regulation has been making its way into the crypto space, there’s still a long way to go. For example, more than 800,000 leveraged Bitcoin accounts were liquidated in May 2021 as a result of price volatility, and markets still haven’t recovered.

In addition to regulatory and volatility-related concerns, secure cryptocurrency custody remains an infrastructural and insurance challenge, particularly for high-volume traders and trading platforms. Additionally, crypto market participants are battling against fraud and other kinds of financial crimes, including money laundering. In other words, cryptocurrency investment has a special set of needs.

As such, crypto and digital assets are not suitable or appropriate for everyone. However, for those who understand the asset class and the risks, Match Financial and Nukkleus offer what is believed to be the safest possible mechanism to enter the market and gain exposure to the performance of crypto assets.

For those who have considered the risks of acquiring and holding the physical assets, Match Financial provides a service that delivers the underlying assets through a network of regulated business partners and liquidity providers.

The acquisition of Match Financial will expand Nukkleus’ offerings for investors who are not comfortable with the risks in cryptocurrency technology or the available cryptocurrency investment products, which are largely unregulated. With a strong background in traditional financial markets and investment banking, the Match Financial team consists of experts in regulation and consumer protection for institutional businesses, as well as for professional and accredited investors.

Match Financial will also provide unique access to the first fully-regulated and cleared crypto instruments on a fully-regulated market. Access to these products is only possible through Match’s wholly-owned subsidiary and crypto-backed financial product investment manager, Digital RFQ Limited, a leading institutional cryptocurrency to FIAT exchange service, token advisory and OTC brokerage registered with the UK FCA as an EMD Agent with full banking level KYC, KYB and AML.

Emil Assentato

Emil Assentato, the CEO of Nukkleus, says he believes that multi-asset investment strategies must include digital assets.

“As digital assets continue to be widely adopted, we believe that the best guarantee of acceptance and longevity will be transparency, governance and oversight,” he said.

“This is what Match Financial provides Nukkleus, underpinned by performance, security, integrity and the right partnerships.”

Jamie Khurshid, the founder and managing director of Match Financial, said there was a real vision to de-risk investing through regulated products and regulated firms.

“Digital Assets are especially exciting as they are a technology that has the opportunity to be massively beneficial in everyday lives,” he said.

Jamie Khurshid

“As an industry, we are at the early stage of fully appreciating the impact and benefits, but we have run into a number of fairly predictable issues that are preventing mainstream adoption. In creating Match Financial, we have specifically gone out to address these issues in a structured way to enable crypto to become a legitimate part of an investment portfolio for the long term.”

About Nukkleus Inc

Nukkleus is a digital financial services company with a suite of financial technology to provide institutional counterparts with unique access to global liquidity and a comprehensive suite of products and services ranging from advanced trading and technology to trusted token advisory services.

Our technology delivers counterparts institutional-grade access to traditional and digital asset markets globally along with a fully regulated EMD agent status for handling professional and accredited client funds and conducting cryptocurrency conversion into FIAT currencies.