Thursday 19 December 2019 6:16 pm

Muggings and robberies have shot up in London since 2015

The amount of muggings and pickpocketing in London has risen by 56 per cent in the past three years.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime dashboard show there were 53,966 reported incidents of “theft from person” between August 2018 and September 2019.

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This figure has shot up by 56 per cent since the same period in 2015-16, where there was 34,626 reported incidents.

It comes alongside figures that show the levels of knife crime have risen by 41 per cent in this period, while reported incidents of robbery rose by 73 per cent.

A spokesperson for mayor of London Sadiq Khan blamed central government’s austerity measures for the increae in crime rates.

“Violent crime has increased in London and right across the country since 2012 due to almost a decade of huge government cuts – something ministers have finally recognised,” they said.

“Against the backdrop of austerity, Sadiq has raised council tax and diverted business rates into policing and the Met Police’s Violent Crime Taskforce, which targets serious offenders and removes dangerous weapons from our streets.”

The figures come as London’s murder rate hit 135 yesterday – the highest it has been for over a decade.

It is a part of a larger trend, where violent crime has risen across the nation in urban capitals.

Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey labelled the situation as “grim”.

“The reality is people simply do not feel safe at home, on the tube or walking the streets,” he said.

“London needs someone to step up and show the leadership needed to make London safer.

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“With my crime plan for London, not only will I ensure we put a record amount of police on the streets, but I will ensure they get the equipment and powers they need to do their job.”

The Met were contacted for comment.