Friday 18 September 2015 3:25 pm

Most Londoners want a career change, but are too scared to take the leap

The majority of people working in London are fed up with their jobs and want a career change, according to a new report by the London School of Business and Finance.
By carrying out a survey on adults from different parts of the UK, the researchers found that 55 per cent of those in the capital want a career change, with 45 per cent planning on making the move in the next two years and one in five within the next year. 
By comparison, 47 per cent of people across the nation felt a desire to move into a different line of work. This doesn't mean the others aren't thinking about it, though – just one in five said they never wanted to change their career. 
The main reasons given for wanting to leave current positions were better salary prospects, improved work/life balance and greater job satisfaction. 
Steve Priddy, director of research at the London School of Business and Finance, said:: 
With a changing economy and new sectors creating jobs and business models that would not have even existed a decade ago, many professionals may consider the option of jumping ship and facing the challenges of a new career path. 
But despite having an itch to move, many people are put off by the risk associated with it. Almost a third were too fearful of the possible lack of financial stability, while a fifth said they were too uncertain about what they would switch to. A further 15 per cent were afraid of failing in their attempt to pursue something new.