Tuesday 14 July 2020 12:03 pm BEQUANT Talk

Marvin Liao talks to BEQUANT

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Marvin Liao is an angel investor, advisor to several Family offices, ex-VC and ex-Tech & Media Executive. Marvin took a few minutes to talk to the team at BEQUANT about his views on COVID, crypto and the future of blockchain.

1. What in your view will happen to crypto post COVID?

I think the growth of crypto will really come from the long term negative results of all the money printing that is happening across the globe, in almost every country. By adding in massive governmental over-reach and control, I think there will be increasing interest by early mainstream people into decentralized products. I think this is still a few years out. 

2. What is your organization doing that is involving crypto and adaptation?

I’m not associated with any organization right now although I am advising some Family Offices. They are all becoming more interested in Crypto, particularly as there has been large signals of some adoption by icons like Paul Tudor Jones and some of the big Wall St Banks in this area. 

3. Why do you think the crypto market is experiencing a high right now?

I find their is too much liquidity in the market and as per question 1, a lot of infrastructure has been laid in last 2 years. The use cases are starting to be interesting. 

4. Blockchain technology holds promise – what do you think is a good
use for it in the current situation in the world? 

It’s still early days. The biggest problem with blockchain is as it was few years back is the crappy UX and user interface. It is still not easy to understand or use which is hindering its adoption.