Tuesday 3 May 2016 5:51 pm

Lord Sugar reckons he would make a better London mayor than Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan

In a race for City Hall with banking heirs, polish aristocrats and exiled Kashmiri emperors, who else could bring even more grandeur to the London mayoral election than Lord Alan Sugar?

Not surprisingly the businessman, a Labour peer until he left the party after the general election last year, reckons none of the candidates are up to scratch and he could do a far better job – and many others agree.

City folk may not want to work with the Apprentice star anymore, but Lord Sugar told The Times that he's still popular politically. Apparently he had been approached to run for City Hall last year, but wouldn't consider throwing himself into the next election due to a conflict of interests.

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"People wanted me to become mayor" Lord Sugar told the Times, adding "not because I am big headed, but if I did get put forward, I would get voted in".

Billionaire business magnate Lord Sugar started out as a tech entrepreneur, but most of his fortune has been accumulated from clever property investments through his company, Amsprop.

He may not be running, but Sugar didn't mince his words when it came to the candidates. According to the top dog, Labour hopeful Sadiq Khan would be "terrible news for London", while Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith "lacked the flamboyance of Boris Johnson".