Wednesday 1 October 2014 5:13 am

Early to bed and late to rise: Londoners sleep more than people in most major cities

London is certainly not the city that never sleeps. 
According to SleepCycle, which monitors the sleeping patterns of people in 54 major cities across the world, Londoners get more sleep a night than most.
It measured the capital's average wake-up time as 07:29, putting it 43rd out of the 54 cities. 
Among the few cities with a wake-up time later than London is New York, which gets up a few minutes later at 07:32, and Manchester, which rolls out of bed at 07:41.
Paris's alarm clock starts ringing at 07:57, which makes it the city with the longest lie-in of all. 
Cities getting up earlier than London include Las Vegas at 07:13, Sydney at 07:11 and Mexico City at 07:07. Earliest of all, however, is Brisbane at 06:54.
Wake up times compared

But when it comes to going to bed, London came 31st out of the cities studied, with an average bed time of 00:03. This gives Londoners a total of 7 hours and 26 minutes slumber each night. Paris is also a big sleeper, with a bedtime of 00:32. 

Despite being one of the earliest to wake up, Mexico City goes to bed much later than most cities – it came 44th for average bed time at 00:26. this means most people there have less than seven hours' sleep a night.
The city which stays up latest of all is Seoul in South Korea – most people there go to bed at 01:13, which is considerably later than any western country. On average, they get up at 07:31 the next day. 
Bed times compared