Monday 23 September 2019 11:16 am

Labour conference latest: Unison urges members to back Remain

The country’s biggest union has urged its members to go against the Labour leadership and back a motion that would make Remain the party’s unequivocal policy.

Unison is expected to go against the recommendation put forward by the National Executive Committee (NEC) that would have left a final decision of what position to take regarding a second referendum until after an election.

Instead, it will back a motion calling on Labour to fight for a second referendum and campaign “energetically” in favour of Remain.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has indicated his preference for a neutral position. However shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry was pictured over the weekend dressed as an EU flag.

The set of crunch votes are due this afternoon.

Momentum leader Jon Lansman meanwhile has told his followers to vote with their conscience, freeing supporters from any obligation to back the NEC.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is due to speak at Labour's conference in Brighton today (Getty)
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is due to speak at Labour’s conference in Brighton today (Getty)

He was also highly critical of the way the NEC came to its position, slamming it as a “travesty”.

Labour’s conference has so far been dominated by divisions at the heart of the party, with Brexit overshadowing almost every other topic.

The weekend also saw an abortive attempt to oust deputy leader Tom Watson, prompting commentators on both sides to point out how unprepared the party is for a possible snap election this autumn.

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