Tuesday 21 January 2020 2:13 pm

New immigration system to start next January, PM tells Cabinet

The government’s new points-based immigration system will come into force from January next year as part of Boris Johnson’s commitment to voters, Cabinet ministers were told today.

The Prime Minister this morning told his senior colleagues that he was pressing ahead with plans for a shake-up of the system, which will reduce the overall number of immigrants coming to the UK.

As part of a Cabinet discussion, Johnson said: “The public has been clear that they want us to end freedom of movement and take back control of our borders and it is up to us to deliver on that,” the official spokesman confirmed.

The update came ahead of the publication of the Migration Advisory Committee’s report into the new regime, based on an Australian-style points system. The report is due to be published this month.

Johnson and home secretary Priti Patel told their colleagues this approach would aim to attract talented people from around the world and reduce unskilled migration, while protecting public services like the NHS, which employ large numbers of overseas workers.

The “key guiding principles” are taking back control – Vote Leave’s campaign slogon during the 2016 referendum campaign; welcome “global talent” and reduce low-skilled immigration.

This morning’s was the last Downing Street-based Cabinet this month: the next meeting of senior ministers will take place on 31st January, the day the UK leaves the EU, and will be held in a location in the North of England.

The spokesman said this was because government was “determined” to better represent all parts of the UK, and suggested out of London Cabinet meetings could become a regular thing after Brexit.

Main image: Getty