Monday 23 August 2021 10:07 am

Households with gas boilers could be taxed for the higher-carbon option

UK households with gas boilers could be taxed for the high-carbon option, a strategy review has suggested, as the government races to meet its net-zero target.

In a bid to transition households towards low-carbon solutions, the Heat and Building Strategy is looking like it will conclude that gas users could face higher bills and charges.

The review paper, due to be published next month, will address how electricity is significantly more expensive than gas and that “price distortions” may be on the horizon in the mid-2020s.

The distortions will mean that consumers opting for low-carbon but electricity dependant alternatives like hydrogen boilers and heat pumps, will not be penalised for the transition.

The Committee on Climate Change has warned that they could end up paying around £100 more per year.

Alongside electricity and fossil fuel levies, the strategy has also suggested an emissions trading scheme.

The government has concluded that only households which rely on fossil fuels should contribute to the cost of moving to newer, greener, solutions.