Thursday 21 May 2020 7:27 pm

Half of Facebook employees could work remotely by 2030, says Zuckerberg

Half of Facebook’s workforce could be working remotely in the next five to 10 years, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has said.

The social media boss today said his company would embrace a more permanent work from home policy even after the coronavirus crisis ends.

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In an internal townhall live streamed on Facebook, Zuckerberg said the platform would “aggressively” ramp up its hiring of remote workers.

This will be coupled with a “more measured approach” to allow permanent remote working for existing employees, he said.

Those staff members would do work remotely will have until 1 January 2021 to inform the company if they move to a different location.

However, they may face a pay cut as Facebook adjusts their salary to their location for tax and accounting reasons.

It comes after rival social media firm Twitter said it will allow all staff to work from home permanently from now on. Streaming giant Spotify has said employees can work remotely for the rest of the year.

Facebook has more than 48,000 employees worldwide, the vast majority of whom are working from home during the coronavirus crisis.

Last month the company said it expected to hire an additional 10,000 staff members for its product and engineering teams by the end of the year.

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Facebook, which posted resilient revenue growth in the first quarter despite the impact of Covid-19, has rolled out a number of new features in recent weeks as it adapts to shifting user demand during the pandemic.

Today the social media giant announced the launch of Workplace, a new video conferencing tool to rival Zoom.