Thursday 8 July 2021 8:06 pm

Government to bin English votes for English laws

Daily news reporter in City A.M.'s London newsroom

The government today announced it plans to scrap English votes for English laws, a system that gives English MPs a veto over laws that only affect England.

Speaking at Cabinet Office questions on today, Michael Gove said: “The procedure has been suspended since April 2020 and, having reflected, the government believes it has not served our Parliament well and that removing it would simplify the legislative process.

“It’s a fundamental principle that all constituent parts of the United Kingdom should be equally represented in Parliament.”

English votes for English laws (EVEL) was introduced in 2015 to address English MPs being unable to vote on matters devolved to other UK nations while Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs could vote on English-only matters in Westminster.

It requires a majority of English MPs to approve any English-only laws before the whole House of Commons can vote on them.

A vote on removing the procedure will take place next week.