Friday 20 September 2019 10:20 am

Google plugs €3bn into European data centre expansion

Google is set to pour another €3bn into European data centres over the next two years as it moves to expand its reach across the continent.

The money includes a fresh €600m for Finland’s Hamina data centre, bringing Google’s investment in the location to €2bn since 2009.

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Google has already spent €800m on one data centre in Hamina, converted from an old paper mill, but the €600m will allow it to build a new data centre at the site.

“This is fantastic news for Finland,” Prime Minister Antti Rinne told a news conference, according to Reuters.

The tech giant said the cash will support around 4,300 jobs in Finland over the next two years and beyond.

“Our Hamina data centre is a significant driver of economic growth and opportunity,” Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said.

“It also serves as a model of sustainability and energy efficiency for all of our data centres.” 

City A.M. has asked Google where it plans to build the other new data centres.

 The search giant also made what it called the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history this week, amounting to a 1,600-megawatt (MW) package of agreements and 18 new energy deals.

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The deals will expand Google’s worldwide portfolio of wind and solar agreements by over 40 per cent to 5,500 MW – the equivalent of 1m solar rooftops.

Half of the megawatts being produced would come from Europe via 10 energy projects amounting to €1bn in new energy infrastructure.

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