Thursday 8 December 2016 12:49 pm

Give the gift of time this Christmas: the top new watches to declare your undying love to another human being

The hot-list: our favourite new watches to buy your loved ones this Christmas.

Tudor Pelagos LHD

If the “LHD” of the title – standing for “left-hand drive” – doesn’t give it away, the position of the winding crown should: Tudor’s latest diving watch is for the left-handed. Hence the crown is on the left of the watch, instead of its normal position on the right. Not only that, but the LHD is a serious looker, and built for hardcore endurance, with a depth rating of 500m and Tudor’s critically acclaimed in-house movement. For once in watches, it’s the turn of the right handers to be jealous.

Longines Railroad

Watches associated with racing cars or fighter jets may have pizzazz, but there is a certain wistful indefatigability to the railroad, which is the market catered to by this handsome timepiece by Longines. Railway employees from Italy to China and Chile to the US wore a version of this handsome beast when it was first introduced in the 1960s. Now you can grab a slice of history with this handsome automatic revival.

Fabergé Flirt 36mm

Fabergé is nothing if not a purveyor of the unexpected, and this extension to its hugely succesful Flirt range is definitely in that category. Available in four new colours – black, cobalt blue (both in a rose gold case), tangerine and lemon (both with a white gold case) – these self-winding watches are elegant and fun at the same time. As ever, the devil is in the detail, and eagle-eyed horophiles will spot an egg motif on the hands, reflecting the brand’s heritage.

Chanel J12 XS

From £3,775,
Chanel has followed up its first serious in-house movement, seen in the Monsieur de Chanel, with its most fashion-influenced watch collection to date. The iconic J12 dial has been dialed back to a mere 19mm and paired with a selection of cuffs and gloves, resulting in Karl-Lagerfeld-esque creations that graze the wrist bone or long gloves that encase the arm to the elbow.

The collection includes pieces embroidered with sequins, and multiple wraps of leather with an S&M vibe; at the heart of all of the designs is the J12, in white or black ceramic, with an inner ring of diamonds on the dial. It’s a perfect fusion of Chanel’s watchmaking and couture, and as far from the haute horlogerie seriousness of the Monsieur as you could possibly get.