Thursday 10 June 2021 3:28 pm

Frost receives icy warning after giving culture committee the cold shoulder

The chair of Westminster’s influential culture committee has slammed Brexit minister Lord David Frost for postponing an evidence session today.

The government has been under fire for some time over post-Brexit immigration requirements, with confusion over visa access for touring musicians or performers.

Frost was due to give evidence on the implications of Brexit on the cultural sector today but postponed.

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Tory MP Julian Knight, who chairs the Commons’ select committee, said “parliamentary scrutiny… is of crucial importance in our democratic system and is particularly important when we have a Government with a majority of 80.”

Frost’s status as an unelected peer and minister makes questioning and scrutiny even more important, said Knight.

“It isn’t acceptable for Lords not to be accountable when they hold high office,” he continued.

Frost is the key man in negotiations with the European Union about the future of cross-Channel relations, with agricultural goods and the Northern Ireland border the current sticking point.

Frost is expected to appear at the committee on another date.

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