Thursday 21 November 2019 11:55 am

From Greggs to Franco Manca: Britain's favourite restaurants revealed

A breakdown of Britain’s favourite restaurants by region is indicative of the greater cultural divide within the country.

Even the difference in outer and inner London is telling.

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A YouGov poll showed Inner London’s favourite restaurant is the trendy Mexican chain Wahaca, while outer London’s eatery of choice is pizza chain Franco Manca.

The favourite restaurant of the North East will be unsurprising for many – bakery chain Greggs.

The South West chose The Cornwall Pasty Company, while Scotland’s favourite restaurant is buffet chain Jimmy Chung’s.

Wales and the West Midlands both chose Miller & Carter Restaurants as their favourite restaurants and Yorkshire also went with a carnivore’s choice – MEATliquor.

However, when it came to Britain’s most recommended chains only one of the above restaurants got a look-in for the top-five.

Fast food chain Leon led the way, followed by Miller & Carter Steakhouse, sushi chains Wasabi and Itsu, and coming in at fifth-place was pub chain Vintage Inns.

YouGov head of data products Amelia Brophy said there were numerous points to takeaway from the survey results.

“The difference between the most positively rated, and therefore most popular, restaurant chains around the country is stark to see and shows that tastes differ depending on where you come from. 

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“What is also interesting, however, is that although we may all have a favourite restaurant, the chains that we would recommend to our friends and family aren’t always the same.

“While lots of eat-in restaurants dominate the favourite list, it’s healthy and quick to serve brands that dominate the recommend list.”