Monday 2 December 2019 9:06 pm

Food delivery apps serve up extra £400m in restaurant revenue

Food delivery apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are serving up an extra £400m in revenue for European restaurants, according to a new report. 

Third-party platforms, that customers can use to order food from a variety of restaurants, have also increased profit across the Europe’s restaurant sector, with venues in London seeing a four per cent jump in the number of restaurant meals sold in a year. 

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Across Paris, London, Madrid and Warsaw, £1.6m extra meals were sold each week, with independent restaurants accounting for almost half of the additional sales, according to a report by Deloitte. 

London restaurants benefitted from the biggest jump in revenue and profit, which increased £323m and £189m respectively.

In Paris, revenue is up around €94m a year, and profit is up by €18m. 

The report, commissioned by Uber Eats, said the food delivery market is expected to grow 10 per cent a year to be worth $25bn in Europe by 2023. 

Deloitte partner Sam Blackie said: “New technology is helping restaurants respond to a significant shift in consumer preferences, with rising demand for more convenient ways to eat. 

“By making it easier for restaurants to offer delivery services to customers, third party platforms have helped grow overall revenue and profit in the restaurant sector.”

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Stephane Ficaja, head of Europe at Uber Eats, added: “It is our top priority to help restaurants adapt and thrive in the growing food delivery market. 

“Whether a small mum and dad operation or a household favourite, we are committed to providing restaurants with access to the technology, insights and expertise they need to grow their delivery business.”

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