Thursday 6 November 2014 8:37 pm

Fire and ice mix at the launch of Canary Wharf’s skating rink

It's not winter until there’s an ice skating rink popping up next to your office, and last night was the turn for Canary Wharfers, as its rink launched – and in a blaze of glory at that. 
The party, attended by Barclays and Citibank among others, saw the Guinness World Record for most candle wicks burned simultaneously on a body. Luckily it wasn’t an overconfident banker with a Zippo but a pyrotechnics professional. 
Canary Wharf’s chief administrative officer Camille Waxer was there, but despite being a bit of a pro – “I grew up in Toronto, so of course I can skate!” she told The Capitalist – we didn’t see her on the ice. Instead we decided to enjoy the food coming out of the kitchen at resident restaurant, Q on Ice, by the former Ivy chef Des McDonald. And the cocktails certainly kept the non-skaters busy – if equally as wobbly.

Snake fervor and chivaree circus perform 'The human fire torch' (Source: Getty)


Ice Rink Canary Wharf features London's only skate path (Source: Getty)