Friday 15 May 2015 7:27 am

Film review: Pitch Perfect 2 still hits the right notes

Cert 12a | ★★★☆☆
If you haven’t heard of Pitch Perfect, it’s probably because you’re not a girl under the age of 25. But this comedy about rival acapella choirs became a cult hit in 2012, largely due to breakout performances from the sickeningly talented Anna Kendrick and offbeat Australian comedian Rebel Wilson. Simply put, it nailed both its formula and its audience, and did it with bucket-loads of charm. 
This time, it’s tackling the sequel formula: bigger stakes, new characters and foreign travel. The Barden Bellas are disqualified from collegiate competition after Fat Amy (Wilson) has a wardrobe malfunction in front of President Obama, so they set out to redeem themselves at the World Acapella Championships in Copenhagen. Only enormous, BDSM-ready electronica outfit Das Sound Machine stand in their way. 
Where the first film was about music, this one has enough numbers to be a fully-fledged musical and the script suffers as a result. New characters Emily and Flo are decidedly off-key; one’s an adorkable bore while the other makes painfully unfunny quips about poverty in Central America. 
Thankfully, there’s more Fat Amy to go around than ever and Kendrick has matured into her leading lady role enough to ensure this film still hits all the right notes.


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