Thursday 18 April 2019 1:24 pm

Facebook permanently bans a dozen far-right groups and individuals including BNP, Britain First and English Defence League

Facebook has permanently banned a dozen far-right groups and individuals, including the British National Party and its former leader Nick Griffin.

The social media network imposed the bans today as part of its “dangerous individuals and organisations” policy.

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It comes amid a crackdown by Facebook on white nationalist, white separatist, and white supremacist content.

Britain First, along with its leader Paul Golding and former deputy leader Jayda Fransen have also been banned, as well as the English Defence League (EDL) and founding member Paul Ray and the National Front and its leader Tony Martin.

In a statement, the social network said: “Individuals and organisations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place on Facebook.”

The ban will not only prevent those listed from having a presence on Facebook and Instagram but also stop other users from being able to praise or support them.

Britain First has already been banned but any content or posts praising or supporting the organisation will now also be prohibited.

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The banned list also includes Knights Templar International and its promoter Jim Dowson and neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw, who admitted plotting to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

Earlier this year Tommy Robinson was banned from the social media site after repeatedly breaking hate speech policies.