Tuesday 23 July 2019 4:30 am

DEBATE: Who should be the next Prime Minister, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt?

Mark Wallace is executive editor of ConservativeHome.
and Tosin Adedayo
Tosin Adedayo is a political consultant and Conservative party member.

Who should be the next Prime Minister?

Mark Wallace, executive editor of ConservativeHome, says BORIS JOHNSON.

Theresa May is reported to be searching for a legacy, but she has already got one. It’s just one she doesn’t like very much: a dire political situation born of muddle, indecision, and broken promises.

She demolished the Conservative majority, then badly mismanaged her party and cabinet. The crucial task of Brexit is in limbo. Most other government business is in hiatus. Nigel Farage has been resurrected, and the Conservatives recently suffered the worst electoral result in their 185-year history.

The most indecent Labour leadership ever has been allowed to survive when it should have been booted in the ballot box years ago.

Better managerialism cannot resolve this crisis. It can only be answered by a leader capable of changing the political weather – either winning an election sharpish, or bolstering his position with a credible threat of election victory.

Jeremy Hunt is a nice guy, and a very capable minister. But there is only one contender in this race who has a chance of taking on that challenge. And that is Boris Johnson.

Tosin Adedayo, a political consultant and Conservative party member, says JEREMY HUNT.

Jeremy Hunt is by far the better candidate. With almost 10 years in the cabinet, Hunt’s vast experience and honed diplomatic skills set him apart from his opponent.

As we navigate our exit from the EU, our country deserves a Prime Minister who commands the respect of his peers and European counterparts. We cannot afford to go into negotiations with a volatile, unprepared and unpredictable leader.

Hunt has proven that he delivers. At this crucial time, our country does not need a people pleaser, we need a Prime Minister who will literally roll up his sleeves and get stuck in with the job.

We need a Prime Minister who isn’t obsessed with opinion polls, but is diligent and pays attention to detail. We need stability not theatrics. We need certainty not more uncertainty.

We need a politician not a celebrity comedian. We need a doer not a talker.

This is why it has to be Hunt.

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