Tuesday 28 September 2021 9:36 pm

Court gives 2m angry Brits the green light to claim £600m from BT

A court has approved a £600m legal case against BT, on behalf of some 2m landline customers who claim they have been overcharged.

The telecoms giant was investigated by Ofcom in 2017 for similar claims, which led to BT trimming future bills for those who felt short-changed.

Director of Advocacy and Policy at Which?, Rocio Concha, said: “This claim proceeding to trial could open the door for many other cases against organisations to follow suit – ensuring more victims of anti-competitive behaviour can get the justice they deserve.”

The next step will see the case proceed to a full trial, with a hearing scheduled for October 19. If the trial is successful, each impacted customer could recieve up to £500 each.

BT “will continue to vigorously defend itself against the speculative claim of overcharging customers, following preliminary ruling on the procedural matter of certification,” it said in a statement.