Thursday 15 April 2021 3:31 pm

City of London Corporation chief calls for return of office workers to Square Mile later this year

The City of London’s local authority has today called for office workers and visitors to return to the Square Mile to help boost economic activity.

Catherine McGuinness, the City of London Corporation’s policy chair, also said it was up to the powerful local authority to provide “reassurance about the steps taken to protect public health throughout the City’s reopening”.

The government is still asking people to work from home where possible, with its roadmap out of lockdown not providing a firm date for this advice to change.

A social distancing review, conducted by the Cabinet Office, is due to report back soon on its recommendations for future working arrangements.

However, there are signs that more people are beginning to return to the office in central London as footfall rose in the area by 178 per cent in the past week.

McGuinness said the Corporation’s £50m recovery fund and the launch of new events in the City will be a part of a push to get people back into central London.

“We need to encourage the return of workers and visitors, while also providing reassurance about the steps taken to protect public health throughout the City’s reopening,” she said.

“And we will always promote the Square Mile as a vibrant and thriving City with a world-class business eco-system and outstanding environments.”