Saturday 12 November 2016 10:28 am

Christmas adverts rated: Which retailer has made the best ad of 2016?


A gang of multicoloured yetis on ice skates stealing unattended electrical items from a pleasant-looking neighbourhood. Does anything say ‘come and visit our store’ less?



Good-looking food. But the poor carrot, Kevin, who we become attached to in this one-minute advert, is surely destined to meet an unfortunate ending.



Definitely one for the millennials. Everyone else, likely alienated.



A simple and amusing set of short adverts likely to create some chuckles over the next couple of months.



Very average.


House of Fraser

Unfestive. Probably appealing to those too trendy for tinsel.



Credit deserved for acknowledging that supermarkets get too excited too soon about Christmas. But also quite depressing.



Excellent. As long as you’re a fan of the Snowman.


Marks & Spencer

Heartwarming story about Mrs Claus. (Read our full review here.)


John Lewis

Most hotly-anticipated advert of the year lives up to expectation. Not the greatest John Lewis has produced, though. (Read our full review here.)


Fake John Lewis advert

Probably the Christmas advert of 2016. Sorry, John Lewis.


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