Thursday 30 June 2016 4:29 pm

Central Intelligence film review: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson happily go through the motions in this cop comedy

Dissatisfied accountant Calvin (Kevin Hart) gets thrown into the firing line (literally) when a former high school friend turned CIA agent, Bob (Dwayne Johnson), arrives in his life asking for help.

Comparisons to past Hart films – Ride Along, Get Hard – are obvious, but the formula is tweaked just enough to feel fresh. Johnson plays Bob as a nerd trapped in the body of an athlete, allowing him to turn his intimidating persona on its head and making him one of the film’s big surprises. Hart, on the other hand, plays to type, screaming and quipping through action sequence after action sequence. An underlining message about overcoming past demons gives the proceedings a little heart.

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Amy Ryan makes impressive appearances, but the connection between Central Intelligence's leads is what makes this otherwise ordinary film stand on its own two feet.