Friday 27 June 2014 8:39 am

This 12 acre Caribbean island costs the same as a three bedroom London flat

As any good economist will tell you, when you're considering a purchase ask not if you should spend the money or not but what else you could buy for the amount you're considering parting with.

To put that into context, if you have £5.7m burning a hole in your pocket should you buy a three-bedroom flat in London?  Or a 12-acre, 29-cottage island in the Caribbean? It's a hard choice, so here are some pictures to help you decide.

First, here is the island paradise. For your £5.7m you get this:

Lying just off the coast of St Vincent, Young Island encompasses over 12 acres of lush, tropical hills, fringed by a powder soft white sand beach and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.The resort includes a spa, tennis court, pool, restaurant, bar and 29 guest cottages, complete with private plunge pools, which overlook the sparkling sea.

As you can see from the photos, weather isn't going to be an issue here, unlike in London.

Young Island buy

(Source: 7th Heaven Properties)

Transport may be an issue, unlike in your London flat, although the Island of St. Vincent is only 350m away, and it has an airport. The strip of water inbetween seems perfect for swimming or taking a cruise on your yacht. Heavy traffic is unlikely to be an issue unless you get caught in a flotilla. 

Young Island resort

(Source: 7th Heaven Properties)

So how do you get to this sandy haven? Here is a map showing exactly where your new purchase would be.

The big question is what could you get for the same £5.7m if you invested it in central London, Green Park for example? Well rather than 29 cottages and plunge pools you would get three ensuite double bedrooms and a large reception room with dining area. What is more the property is near a park. But crucially it doesn't have a beach.

Green park flat

(Source: Zoopla)

While the flat boasts three ensuite bedrooms meaning each night will be spent in comfort at a great location,

Green park house

(Source: Zoopla)

 it's hard to beat a Caribbean Island for a relaxing evening.

Carfibbean island at night

(Source: 7th Heaven Properties)