Friday 15 November 2019 2:40 pm

Boris Johnson unveils 'Get Brexit done' election battle bus

Boris Johnson unveiled his new election bus today during a campaign launch in Greater Manchester.

The bus is emblazoned with the words: “Back Boris and vote Conservative to… Get Brexit Done.”

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Speaking to attendees, the Prime Minister said: “Some of you might ask why we need this bus, or even why we need this election.

“The answer is because parliament is unfortunately paralysed. It is like blocked pipe, or like an anaconda that has swallowed a tapir, or like a blocked artery at the heart of the British body politic that is refusing to get Brexit done.”

Boris Johnson campaigns in front of his new election battle bus

Just like the old saying goes, you wait ages for one Boris-related bus incident, and two come at once.

Yesterday the public was treated to the utterly surreal sight of the Prime Minister joining in, albeit quite half-heartedly, with West Monkton school children for a rendition of the “Wheels on the Bus.”

Twitter was unsurprisingly quick to respond.

The Prime Minister will be hoping that this bus attracts less column inches than previous models.

During the 2016 referendum campaign, Johnson’s Vote Leave bus was emblazoned with the now infamous claim that Britain would be £350m a week better off after leaving the EU.

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The claim, which earned a rebuke from the chair of the UK Statistics Authority as “a clear misuse of official statistics”, was seen by many as critical to the Leave victory.

In May this year, a magistrate ruled that Johnson should face charges for the claim but that decision was overturned in June by the High Court, after judges concluded that the magistrate’s decision was flawed.

Main image credit: Getty