Wednesday 12 May 2021 5:26 pm

Boris bad credit score: PM rejects court ruling over £535 in unpaid debt

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected a court ruling that found he has an unpaid debt of £535.  The court records listed Johnson at his official address, 10 Downing Street, according to Reuters today.

Johnson’s office have said they will ask for the ruling to be removed from his record as it was “totally without merit”.

County court judgements (CCJ) are issued when someone submits a claim and judges decide the money needs to be paid. Johnson’s record was dated 26 October 2020, and listed as ‘Unsatisfied’ – meaning it was completely, or partly, unpaid. 

The register of these judgements are used by banks and other financial institutions to determine an individual’s credit rating.

“Unfortunately for Boris, a CCJ, or County Court Judgement, is really going to impact his credit score,” said Rosie Fish, a mortgage expert.

According to Fish, a CCJ record – considered a “red flag” to lenders – will stay on the Prime Minister’s file for six years.

She said this will “seriously affect” his credit score and  eligibility to get a mortgage as a CCJ “reflects a person’s borrowing habits”. 

Fish suggests that there are specialist lenders, for those with low credit ratings, who may be able to help Johnson – but it comes at a cost, which the Prime Minister may not appreciate. 

Johnson’s finances have been under intense scrutiny with questions posed about how he funded the refurbishment of his flat, and, more recently, an investigation has opened into his donor-funded holiday in the Caribbean.