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“Be still indebted to somebody or other, that there may be somebody always to pray for you, [. . .]

October 12, 2021

Around 30 per cent of gig economy drivers, riders and couriers across Europe had no savings in the first half

June 9, 2021
Johnson And Starmer Face Off In Parliament For First Time Since UK Elections

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected a court ruling that found he has an unpaid debt of £535.  The court records

May 12, 2021
Business support changing the tax year end date

People in debt will be given 60 days to get their finances back on track without debts piling up, worrying

May 4, 2021

Borrowers have until the end of today to apply for a payment holiday on products such as mortgages, personal loans

March 31, 2021
Christmas quiz 2019

Pressure on households to overspend this Christmas is increasingly making Londoners resort to payday loans to cover the costs of

December 4, 2020
open banking

The saying that the “customer is king” has been an accepted truism for a long time. But it is only

January 15, 2020
personal finance

Personal finance has a legacy problem. Until now, those who weren’t familiar with its inner workings have never truly understood

August 8, 2019
Young voters

Student debt is, once again, pledge fodder as politicians jostle for power. Conservative leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt has promised to

July 18, 2019

Is the Asos profit warning a sign that online retailers face the same challenges as the high street? Scott Guthrie, a

December 18, 2018

Dealing with a broken heart is bad enough – but it turns out vengeful ex-partners are leaving their former beloveds

August 14, 2015

Credit ratings agency Moody's has sounded the alarm over the rising level of UK consumer debt saying it leaves borrowers

July 16, 2015

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