Thursday 1 October 2009 8:00 pm


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TWO weeks after London Fashion Week, I am still thinking about all the styles that the fashionistas in attendance wore. Well, 98 per cent of the trendy young things wore black from top to toe, and each looked fabulous in a "uniform" sort of way – leather, studs, zips, skyscraper ankle boots, leggings. The other two percent were outstanding. One was a woman in pale grey, high- waisted, wide flared trousers with turn-ups, worn with a cream silk blouse which gently fluttered in the breeze – not OTT high fashion, just perfect for the day and very classy. The other was a young man dressed in an all-in-one shorts romper suit with a vest top in a bright coral colour with little doggie motifs all over it – Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno would kill for it. Love them or raise your eyebrows at them, these outfits stood out from the crowd. Not only were they noticed, but they were highly memorable, admittedly not necessarily for the right reasons.

Thousands of women pile into the City every day dressed in black or dark grey. And while I wouldn’t recommend coral coloured romper suits for either men or women, I would always recommend you add some colour, somewhere. I spotted some fabulous accessories at LFW perfect for that colour lift. One was a necklace made from ‘vegetable ivory’ which is a South American nut, cut and polished and dyed in bright colours – unusual, fun and simple (pictured right, see The other was from a shop called Satya Jewelry in Covent Garden, that combines sterling silver dipped in matt gold with coloured crystals resulting in very chic, classical jewellery that’s very professional. Both give that so needed splash of colour and help make you stand out from the crowd. Sara Hollamby is an image consultant with, email: