Tuesday 10 November 2020 11:00 am

Acast and Patreon team up to launch subscriber-only podcast service

Acast and Patreon have joined forces to launch a new service that will allow podcast creators to make exclusive content available to subscribers across all major platforms.

The tie-up will allow creators on the Patreon membership service to distribute private, patron-only podcast episodes to listeners on apps including Apple and Amazon Music.

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“At Patreon, we’re fostering an ecosystem where creators can connect more deeply with their audiences, and ultimately change the way their creativity is valued,” said Brian Keller, director of creator success at Patreon. 

“Patreon and Acast have a shared mission of helping creators earn a sustainable income for their art. As podcasting continues to be one of the largest creator categories on Patreon, our work with Acast makes it easier than ever for podcasters to cultivate their communities by delivering exclusive content to their most passionate fans, wherever they like to listen.”

The companies said the tool will allow listeners to access free and subscriber-only podcasts on the majority of apps in a single feed.

Creators will be able to manage and upload all their shows — whether free or paywalled — in a single dashboard and drive more sign-ups by linking to their Patreon membership in show descriptions.

Podcasters will also have access to data and insights about their listeners through Acast’s analytics technology.

The service will be rolled out to all Patreon podcast subscribers this month. It follows a successful trial with several high-profile podcasters, including Sleep With Me and 90 Day Gays.

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“All creators should be able to reach the audience their content deserves, and to be fairly compensated for that,” said Leandro Saucedo, chief business and strategy officer at Acast. 

“Creators thrive in an ecosystem where they can freely create, connect with their audiences, and make a living from their work across any platform — and this collaboration is all about supporting and enabling that.”