France seeks to extend "state of emergency" beyond 2017 elections

William Turvill
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The state of emergency has been in place since the Paris attacks last November (Source: Getty)

The French prime minister is calling for an extension to the state-of-emergency measures which have been in place in the country since last year’s terror attacks.

Bernard Cazeneuve wants the emergency powers to be prolonged in order to protect elections next year.

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Parliament will vote on the bill, to extend the emergency measures to 15 July, after the polls and Bastille Day on 14 July, next week.

Speaking after an extraordinary cabinet meeting, Cazeneuve said the move was “absolutely necessary”, according to Associated Press.

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He suggested the political meetings and gatherings could increase the risk of attacks by “those who want to strike our democratic values and republican principles at the heart”.

If parliament approves the bill, it will mark the fifth extension of the emergency powers since the attacks in November 2015.

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