General Election 2015: Michael Green releases broadcast "clarifying" how he is not Grant Shapps

Catherine Neilan
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Michael Green is definitely, absolutely, not Grant Shapps. Got that? (Source:
The voters in Welwyn and Hatfield are facing a conundrum. Should they vote Grant Shapps – sometimes known as Michael Green – or should they vote Michael Green – otherwise known as not-Grant Shapps?
At the start of the month City A.M. reported that a man called Heydon Prowse had changed his name to Michael Green to stand against the Conservative party chairman – who had used that name while working in a second job - in his own constituency.
Today Green née Prowse released his party election broadcast, complete with jaunty music, a lifestyle philosophy and a clarification about who he actually is.
“There has been some confusion recently about my identity,” Green said. “Let me just clarify right here I am not Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps, who has in the past pretended to be me.
“But he failed – and do you know why? – Because he didn't download my course, How To Be Just Like Me, the real Michael Green.”
So what are Green's policies? In his own words: “I'm not here to sell you policy, I'm here to sell you lifestyle.”
The comedian-turned-politician still has some kind words for his election rival. “I don't know much about this Grant Shapps character,” he admits.
“From what I can tell from his Wikipedia page, he seems to be a brilliant politician, a stand-up guy and a red-hot lover.”
So who will the electorate choose? Watch the video below to see how persuasive not-Grant Shapps can be.

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