General Election 2015: Ed Miliband slings hook on deal with the SNP

Charlotte Henry
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Miliband: “If there is a Labour government... it’ll be a Labour budget. It will not be written by the SNP” (Source: Getty)
Labour leader Ed Miliband moved yesterday to rule out any prospect of a deal with the Scottish National Party (SNP) after the election.

“If there is a Labour government, it would be a Labour Queen’s speech. It’ll be a Labour budget. It will not be written by the SNP. I couldn’t be clearer than that,” he said.

It comes after days of sustained Conservative attacks on the possibility of such a deal. They hope the prospect of increased SNP influence in parliament will win back some wavering voters.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon said: “[Miliband] can only be Prime Minister with the support of SNP votes in the House of Commons.”

A senior Labour source hit back, telling City A.M: “No coalition, no deal, no pacts, it’s quite simple.”

However, election snapshots show that some kind of agreement between Labour and the SNP may be the only solution for Miliband.

A poll by YouGov for The Sunday Times yesterday showed Labour on top with a two point lead, on 34 per cent, and the Tories on 32 per cent.

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times in Scotland showed the SNP on 48 per cent in Scotland, with Labour on 27 per cent.

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