General Election 2015: The boozy way to cast your vote - coalition cocktails

Emma Haslett
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The five cocktails - "Red Ed" is topped with a muddled lime, while "Compliant Clegg" is a mellower flavour (Source: Corinthia)

If the many insults and photo-ops of the election campaign are already enough to drive you to drink, at least there's now an altogether more civilised way to cast your vote: an upmarket London hotel has come up with range of five cocktails which "capture the personalities of the main parties". Yep - it's the libation election. A drinking-straw poll, if you will.

Unlike the seemingly endless election campaign, the Corinthia Hotel's "Cast your Cocktail" campaign will only run from 23 April to 7 May. And while unlike in the real election you can cast more than one vote, at a decidedly steep £15, if you sink enough of them, you just might help your chosen party put a dent in that pesky national debt.

If you'd rather cast your cocktail vote at your own election party, here's what goes into them.

Call Me Dave

A dash of gin, lilliet blanc, lemon juice and blue curacao served in a coupette glass with a chunk of ice

Red Ed

A bright red cocktail of vodka, martini rosata and orgeat topped up with cranberry juice and muddled lime served in a wine glass

Compliant Clegg

A mellow-yellow, non-alcoholic blend of apple juice, passion fruit juice and half a fresh passion fruit, served in big Collin glass

Gordon Bennett

Go green with a blend of gin, lime juice, chartreuse green and maraschino served in a Champagne glass with chartreuse rim

Naughty Nigel

Vodka, violet liqueur, bubble gum syrup and a squeezed lemon, served in a bubble gum glass

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