General Election 2015: Conservatives gain lead over Labour while Ukip support falls to lowest in two years

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Support for Ukip dips (Source: Getty)

The Conservative Party has gained a two-point lead over Labour in the run-up to the General Election, according to the latest opinion poll data from Opinium.

With 36 per cent support revealed by a survey of 1,916 adults aged 18 or over in the UK, the Tories have edged into first place in the race. Their result is three points higher than just one week ago, and it comes hand-in-hand with a decline in support for Ukip.
The pro-independence party's backing has fallen to 11 per cent – its lowest in two years, indicating party leader Nigel Farage will face difficulty in holding onto his two seats in parliament, both of which were won through by-elections last year.
Labour also experienced a small increase of one point to 34 per cent since the last poll, and while the Conservatives are rated as slightly ahead there is very little to suggest a definite outcome. In fact, on Thursday this week three separate surveys put Labour in first place.
In terms of the other parties, not much has changed – the Liberal Democrats and SNP are still on seven per cent and four per cent, respectively, while the Greens have fallen by one point to six per cent.

David on top

David Cameron remains the most popular leader, with his approval rating slightly higher than a week ago at +2 per cent. Ed Miliband's, meanwhile, has slipped by three points from -15 per cent to -18 per cent. Nigel Farage's approval has taken the biggest dive from -13 per cent to -20 per cent.
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