London takes a Leap into future

Although three-quarters of the people attending last night’s Leap 100 event at Mischon de Reya believe that “British culture is suspicious of corporate ambition,” Eileen Burbidge, Partner of Passion Capital, was optimistic about fintech being a shining light to change public perception of UK business.
Burbidge, who has been dubbed the Queen of Silicon Roundabout – London’s tech hub – was optimistic about a new culture of ambition in tech as she celebrated 11 years in the UK.
More than 100 guests attended the “Scale up or Sell up?” event – the first of two debates in The Leap 100 series – which highlighted the most pressing issues facing British high-growth firms.
The event provided an opportunity for speakers and guests to discuss whether an entrepreneur’s growth strategy is driven by the heart or the head.
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