One chart showing how much the finance sector dominates the FTSE 100

Ashley Kirk
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The FTSE 100 is dominated by companies in the financial and retail sectors, with these making up 43 per cent of the UK’s top companies.

There are 23 FTSE 100 companies in the financials sector - which includes 10 in insurance and five in banking. The largest of these companies is HSBC, with a market cap of £111bn.

A further 20 companies are involved in the "consumer discretionary" (retail, media, etc) sector. Next and Sports Direct can be found in this group.

The smallest sectors on the FTSE 100 are the technology and healthcare industries, with three and four companies in each respectively.

The largest industry is insurance, with ten companies making it into the FTSE 100. Seven of these are involved in life insurance, which makes it the largest sub-industry on the FTSE 100.

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