Ryanair charm offensive continues with launch of eight-point "customer charter"

Catherine Neilan
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Michael O'Leary: The charm offensive continues (Source: Getty)

Ryanair – the airline that once considered charging extra for people to use the toilet - has issued an eight-point “customer charter”.

Among the points are the promise of “the lowest fares”, to make sure travelling is “an enjoyable experience”, to be “Europe's most reliable airline” and alarmingly for an airline “to make your travel exciting”.
The pledges were revealed as part of Ryanair's 30th birthday celebrations today, alongside a series of other initiatives under its three-year “always getting better” programme. They include new aircraft interiors and cabin crew uniforms, fare comparisons and improvements to its website to include a destination content service with customer reviews.
Ryanair chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said: “We will continue to listen and strive to enhance every aspect of our business and our new Customer Charter outlines the way we want to deliver an enjoyable, simple and low cost travel experience to customers.
Chief executive Michael O'Leary, who is famous for swearing at customers and deriding entire nations – admitted last year year that being nicer to passengers was paying off.
Here are the eight points in full:
1. Always Getting Better is the way we promise to do things
2. We promise the lowest fares
3. We promise the best choice of destinations
4. We promise to always prioritise safety
5. We promise to strive to make your travel an enjoyable experience
6. We promise we will always be Europe's most reliable airline
7. We promise to be transparent and to make travel simple for you
8. We promise to innovate to make your travel exciting
These are the pledges:
1. New aircraft interiors & new cabin crew uniforms
2. Lower airport check-in fees, missed departure fees and a new flight cancellation option
3. Real time airline fare comparisons on Ryanair.com
4. A new destination content service, featuring customer reviews.
5. A new travel insurance product, replacing the current drop down insurance.
6. A personalised Ryanair.com website with up to 100 versions of the homepage and personalised promotional emails with customer-specific tailored offers.
7. A new 'hold the fare' feature
8. An improved inflight menu, with more healthy meal choices and a hot breakfast pre-order service on key routes.
9. New seats with more leg room & new Boeing Sky Interiors.
10. Faster native mobile apps, an improved Ryanair.com desktop and an enhanced "My Ryanair" customer registration system.

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