Business minister Matt Hancock apologises after homophobic retweet

Catherine Neilan
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Matt Hancock: Apologised after retweeting a homophobic poem (Source: Getty)
Business minister Matt Hancock has said he is “incredibly sorry” after retweeting a message including a homophobic slur.
Hancock had been engaging in a bit of #NationalPoetryDay fun – aimed at the Labour party – when his enthusiasm appeared to get the better of him.
After composing his own gaff-free limerick about “a young man called Red Ed”, Hancock retweeted one describing the Labour party as being “quite full of queers”, which ended “no wonder the faithful have fled”.
The tweet was taken down shortly afterwards, with Hancock tweeting an apology saying “I wholeheartedly disagree with offensive comment”.

But not before it had been spotted by many users of the social media platform – including his political rivals – at least a couple of whom have since called for his resignation.

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