Monday 18 July 2016 11:38 am

Young people actually prefer physical shops more than any other age group

The success of online retail is less dependent on iPhone-obsessed millennials than you may think, according to new research by British Land.

Young people are actually more likely to visit an physical shop than any other age group. They are also most likely to browse items in a physical store, and order online later if what they want isn't in stock.

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The report from British Land and Verdict shows 81 per cent of sales to 16-24 year-olds and 80 per cent of sales to 25-34 year olds are made in physical shops.

"Younger shoppers are also more familiar with blending channels, in particular with regards to store browsing," the report says. "This can take a range of forms from buying an item of clothing in an out-of-stock colour, through to using a mobile phone while in store to make a purchase."

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The research shows that despite the success of websites such as Asos, which focus on young consumers, physical shops are still the most important place for millennial shoppers.

Amazon appears to have cottoned on to the importance of shops when it opened its first book shop last year, but Asos has said it has no plans to follow suit; chairman Brian McBride says the brand is focusing on mobile instead.

Ben Dimson, head of retail business development for British Land, said: "We expect to see continued demand for physical stores from a variety of operators, and this research helps to cement their place within retailers' plans.

"Even online pure-plays are dipping their toe into the world of physical, taking pop-up space or temporary units."