Monday 9 May 2016 12:03 am

Women in London work more than women in the rest of the UK, new study claims

Women in London work 10 working days more per year than the rest of the UK’s female workforce according to new research.

Female millennials are also hard-working, putting in 136 hours or roughly 18 typical working days more than the annual average of 1,556 hours.

The research is by Blow LTD, the online “fast beauty” provider whose app targets time-poor consumers with beauty services, including blow dries and manicures delivered to homes, hotels or events.

Women in work in London complete on average 1,631 hours a year, 75 hours more than the rest of the UK’s female workforce. Scottish female workers and those in the north west also work more than average. The south west had the lightest workload, at 135 hours less than the annual average.

The millennial generation aged 22 to 29 are on average working 1,692 hours a year. Women in work aged 30 to 39 complete on average 1,631 hours a year, 10 working days more than is usual. Those women in work aged between 40 and 49 clock in an average 1,515 hours a year, 42 hours or roughly six days a year less than the average UK working woman.

Caroline Nokes, MP for the All Parliamentary Group on Body Image and parliamentary private secretary at the department for transport, said: “As the number of women in work reaches record highs, it’s important that as a country we recognise the increasingly limited amount of spare time that women now have.”