Tuesday 9 February 2016 9:27 am

Where do homes sell fastest in England and Wales? Reading is the hottest place for a property sale

How long does it take to sell a house?

The answer depends on where you live – and location makes a big impact. Home owners in Wales expect to wait three times as long as those in Reading before they can take down that “for sale” sign.

With the average house selling in 64 days, Reading is the hottest place in England and Wales for a property sale, according to number crunching done by home buyer Quick Move Now.

The commuter belt town beat out runners-up Bristol and Worthing, where houses take on average 74 days and 87 days to sell, respectively.

Overall, the study shows that homeowners in the South East and London can expect to make the quickest sales.

When asked, 68 per cent of those polled optimistically expected it would take less than a month to receive a satisfactory offer.

By comparison, the average UK home owner expects it will take between one and three months to sell – and 71 per cent of Welsh sellers expect to have to wait more than three months.

But if you’re hoping to sell and don’t live in one of the hottest towns, there’s no cause for despair, according to Danny Luke, managing director of Quick Move Now:

Even in areas where properties are hard to sell, our research shows that vendors of family homes are more confident of achieving a quicker sale if the property is located in an area close to schools and other amenities.